GPS Viewer was designed and developed entirely by Bob McElrath.

GPS Viewer

A companion to BlackBox2, GPS Viewer is a simple utility that generates xml code to display selected Microsoft Flight Simulator GPS variables while flying. It does not create a stand-alone gauge. Instead, the generated code must be pasted into the xml code of a host gauge that communicates with the gps.dll module.

GPS Viewer generates xml code in either FS9 or ACES format, and can be used with either FS9 / 2004 or FSX. It is a Microsoft Excel 2003 application that contains macros to drive Excel User Forms. It requires the fixed-width font, Courier New, which should be standard in a Windows installation. Follow directions on the Instructions worksheet.


24 bit Hexadecimal number generator for (C:fs9gps:NearestAirspaceQuery) from any combination of Airspace Types.


GPS Viewer Application     GPS Viewer Gauge


You must have Microsoft Excel 2003 or newer installed on your computer to operate this file.

Unzip to any directory, then open GPSViewer1.xls in MS Excel. Excel may issue a Security Warning asking permission to Enable Macros. Adjust Excel macro security settings if necessary (Tools > Macro > Security > Medium), click "Enable Macros", then open the Instructions Worksheet.

Follow directions on the Instructions Worksheet to generate GPS Viewer XML code and paste into the XML host gauge. Click the VARIABLE SELECTION button to open the User Form that selects and generates the desired XML code.

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